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Creation of Centuries
Game Master Sobotnik
Total turns 21
Start date 4000 BCE
Creation date 25th of July, 2013
Status Unofficially finished
Link Here

Creation of Centuries is an RP made by Facepunch user Sobotnik.

Beginning in 4000 BCE, the RP was more in the scope of Civilization, where players would create a civilization and, in theory, change history. This RP made it past the 20 turn mark, making it the 4th RP to do so. With 21 turns, this is the 4th longest known RP in FPRP history.

Together with all the basic commands, there was a Technology system, where one would be able to research anything that could realistically be researched with what they have at the moment. This, however, resulted in many alliances sharing their technological advances and, as a result, the world itself advanced much faster than it did in reality. As of Turn 21, which ended in 1080 CE, the world got to the late Industrial Era, which happened at the turn of the 19th century in real life.

During the 3 month wait for Turn 21, Facepunch user Intoxicated Spy made a gif showing off the expansion of the players.

This RP unofficially ended, due to Gamemaster Sobotnik's plans for a reboot, which ended up being The Ascent of Man.

If you want to see any of the turns without going to Facepunch, use this link.


With the thread dropping to the bottom of the first page of Fast Threads, KingArcher was the first to suggest Polandballs, as he said "I think we require more Polandball.". Since then, a healthy amount of media has been made for Creation of Centuries, mostly Polandballs.