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Empires & Revolutions
Game Master Sobotnik (V1), Mr. Face, wizard` and Eat Children (V2)
Total turns 28 (V1), 39½ (V2)
Start date 1836
Creation date 29th of November, 2011
Status Finished
Links Original thread
Planned continuation
Actual continuation

Empires & Revolutions V1 & V2 are RPs, the first originally made by Facepunch user Sobotnik. They are members of the Empires & Revolutions series.

E&R V1 is the first documented RP by the FPRP Group and usually looked upon as one of the best. It used to be tied with Colonialisation as the longest RPs in FPRP history, until On the Backs of Broken Men broke their record. Collectively, V1 and V2 hold the title of longest overall RP.

After Sobotnik did Turn 28, the amount of stuff being sent within people's turns made the turn itself be longer, and as such, the wait for it grew. After many speculated that it had died, Mr. Face decided to take over, resulting in a new E&R, continuing the events of the original, now considered to be V2, which ended on Turn 40 (Part 1).

Many RPs with the same name as this one spawned after this RP finished. These RPs are usually considered to be known as V1 & V2, due to the thread titles. Because of V2 takes place in the same continuity, they are usually mentioned together.

In January of 2013, an attempt to revive E&R V1 was done. Together with a updated version of Turn 28's map, the revival lasted one turn.

If you want to see any of the turns without going to Facepunch, use these links.


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