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This page contains every turn made so far for House of Cards.

Turn 1: January 1, 1980

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The Balance of Power is Established
Rutvian National Newspaper [translated to English]

From the ashes of Rutvia's oppressive past comes a new age of democracy! Four political parties have emerged to represent the views of the Rutvian People.

Rutvian Socialist Party (Rutviska socijalistička partija)
Party Leader: Vedran Miloslavić Hruševski

The Rutvian Socialist Party aims to capitalize on the mutual feelings that many people still have toward socialism. Many people still believe that socialism can work so long as corruption and tyranny are kept at bay, and believe in equality for all. The RSP seeks to expand its influence outside its current holdings in Parliament to bring about large changes in the state of life for the poor, working conditions, civil rights, etc.

With 1/4 of the seats in Parliament held by the RSP, they are holding a strong base that looks to grow even more in the coming years.

Parliament Seats Held: 32
Ministry Seats Held: 0

Revivalist Party (Revitalistična partija)
Party Leader: Vasili Molotoyev

Led by the famous (or infamous to some) Vasili Molotoyev, the Revivalist Party seeks to do one thing only: focus on Rutvian recovery, economy and independence. Caring not for western influence or aid, they seek to keep Rutvia independent from any foreign influence or power. With a focus on state education, healthcare and influence, they hope to rebuild what had been lost to make Rutvia a powerhouse of Europe once more.

Starting off with 1/4 of the seats in Parliament helps them solidify their position in the government, however, many people outside of their voter base look in distrust toward Vasili, with rumors of war crimes during the rebellion, so he and his party will need to win them over.

Parliament Seats Held: 32
Ministry Seats Held: 0

New Democrats of Rutvia (Novi demokrati Rutvije)
Party Leader: Vladimir Solokov

Also appealing to the underlying emotions toward socialism being possible is the New Democrats of Rutvia. Led by Vladimir Solokov, a prominent advocate for a "fair socialist system", the NDR seeks to make a government and a system that works for all, not just for the powerful or politicians, with a new ideology in the fray in the form of social democracy. They seek to take the best aspects of socialism and combine it with a free market economy. Many are skeptical toward the idea but a rather strong base of supporters has already appeared, allowing for the party to hold 32 seats in the Parliament.

Time will tell if this party will be able to bring about the changes it seeks, but one thing is for certain, they are new blood bringing new ideas into the Rutvian government and society.

Parliament Seats Held: 32
Ministry Seats Held: 0

People's Monarchist Party (Narodna monarhistička stranka)
Party Leader: Mitar Martinin

Many Rutvians long for peace and prosperity, as this was the status quo before the dictatorship came to power. Now with the oppressive regime gone from the face of this Earth, some Rutvians have begun to look back toward the original monarchy and the royal family, the House of Danojlić. While many of them were killed in the coup, some still remain in Western Europe in hiding after fleeing. Mitar Martinin, once a proud royal protector of the royal family before the coup, seeks to bring back the crown to its rightful home with a constitutional monarchy. Many share this sentiment and support him and his party along with the ideology of liberal conservatism, bringing a balance between right and left.

Current Parliament Seats: 32
Current Ministry Seats: 0

Current Parliament Holdings

Red - Rutvian Socialist Party
Slate Grey - Revivalist Party
Orange - New Democrats of Rutvia
Light Slate Blue - People's Monarchist Party
Current Ministry Seats
Prime Minister: Joseph Karlov - Approval Rating [88%]
Minister of the State: Dmitry Reskilya - Approval Rating [57%]
Minister of Defense: Nicholai Dversky - Approval Rating [54%]
Minister of Public Health: Andrei Polnareff - Approval Rating [62%]
Minister of Education: Danek Mishkhelya - Approval Rating [46%]
Minister of Foreign Relations: Ivan Dostoevsky - Approval Rating [51%]
Minister of the Treasury: Lena Tolstoy - Approval Rating [54%]
Rutvia Statistics
Population: ~20.3 Million
Literacy Rate: 47%
School Enrollment Rate (Ages 5-18): 65%
Secondary School Graduation Rate: 56%
Unemployment: 19%
GDP (in USD): $6.94 Billion
Life Expectancy: 52 years
Child Mortality Rate (under 5 years old): 17%
Average Income: $8568.54 Rutvian Funts
Minimum Wage: $2.20 Rutvian Funts

Turn 2: January 2, 1980 to March 31, 1980

The Early Days of the Republic


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Rutvian Parliamentary News [translated to English]

The Official First Session of the Parliament of Rutvia has officially met on January 2, 1980 and will stay in session until the end of March of this year. As the representatives settle down, the Prime Minister, Joseph Karlov, gave a solemn speech to all members of the Parliament, as well as viewers in the ramparts above, that commemorated the sacrifices the rebellion made during the war to strike down tyranny and bring about a new age to the Rutvian people. He also went to talk about how the country has placed its hopes and dreams upon these fine representatives, stating "...let it be known that you are the ones to represent those who are not here. You give a voice to the people, and let their voices be heard!" Finally, he ended with a request for the parliament to uphold the values of democracy, reason, and most of all, Rutvian societal values. And with the slam of his gavel, he officially starts the first session of the Rutvian Parliament.

January 2, 1980

People's Monarchist Party

Only minutes after the gavel was struck, Mitar Martinin took the floor with the first official legislative proposal of the new Republic. He walked down stage onto the podium and announced that to truly wipe clean the horrific regime of before, a new flag must be adopted. He then presented a draft which he believed to be representative of the new republic, as LP-001 [Legislative Piece-001].

Many parliament members clapped in approval, particularly the monarchist section, however the Socialists were more restrained. Prominent Socialist leader Vedran Hruševski voiced a concern after the reveal of the flag that it was too reminiscent of the old monarchy, and that the people have moved beyond that, which then sparked a debate over the flag's design. While the flag is certainly well done, much debate over the contents of the flag, particularly the royal emblem, ensued. After a week or so of debate, and tantrums, the flag was put to an official vote. The official tally taken was 83-45, which passed and the flag was officially adopted, sparking nationwide celebration as the old regimes flags were burnt on the streets and many nights of drinking and parading ensued.

January 7, 1980

A few days after the successful vote for the flag, Kirilo Gospod took the podium to make two requests toward the parliament. The first, he called for tax cuts toward the poor and lower classes in order to lift their burden and ease their economic situation, as he recalled how he lived in poverty and how God looks kindly upon those who give to the needy and unfortunate. Secondly, he called for the subsidization of farms and crops as well as public services/utilities in an effort to lift the agrarian sector and public sectors up from destitution. Both of his calls were met with positive reception, as many still held the Orthodox faith to their heart, even after all these years and sympathized with him. NDR members and several NMS members pledged a promise to work together for the common good of the poor and promised to introduce a co-sponsored bill by the two parties by the next session to meet these calls.

As Kirilo left the podium, a standing ovation occurred from the Monarchists, Revivalists, New Democrats and Socialists ,as they all wanted to help Rutvia's poor.

January 10, 1980

New Democrats of Rutvia

Several days passing the first official piece of legislation passed by Parliament, and signed by the Prime Minister, things were relatively quiet, until the New Democrats of Rutvia laid forth an initiative, led by party leader Vladimir Solokov. Solokov called upon the Prime Minister to look into the aspects of social democracy and strongly urged Parliament members to do the same, as there are many aspects he claims would benefit all of Rutvia greatly. This was met with applause from both the New Democrats and the RSP, however the Revivalists and most of the Monarchists stayed silent in their seats, clearly displeased. Revivalist Party leader Vasili Molotoyev took the podium and immediately criticized Solokov and his party for trying to "reinstate communism" and angrily shouted that the Rutvian people will not stand for another regime to rise up while democracy stands. Furious applause from the Revivalist party ensued with boos coming from the RSP and NDR. The NMS, again, stayed mostly neutral regarding this. Solokov took the podium again and also requested that the Karlov administration look toward opening ties with the West to help rebuild the country with foreign investments, sparking more anger and large waves of jeering from the Revivalists and with applause, this time from both the NDR and the NMS, with scattered reception from the RSP.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the NDR and promised to research "certain elements" of this ideology, which started to infuriate the Revivalist Party, when Karlov also stated "...this does not mean that I will be adopting anything. I am merely looking at all doors and possibilities," which calmed the Revivalists down.

February 12, 1980

Revivalist Party

After the fumes of the NDR initiative proposal, the Revivalist Party brought in a flood of proposals to the Parliament Floor. Aimed to help the people of Rutvia in these uncertain times, three bills stand out to be brought up for debate, led by party leader Vasili Molotoyev. Bill H1A [Literacy Act] seeks to put 4% more of the state's funds into primary education centers in an attempt to curb illiteracy from a young age. Bill H1B [Care Act] looks to divert 5% more of the state's funds into hospitals and health centers to rebuild the medical infrastructure of the country and fund continually operational ones to allow for service to Rutvians at all times. Bill M1A [Defense of State Act] seeks to form an armed police wing to respond to terrorist situations.

Bill H1A and Bill H1B pass as both LP-002 and LP-003 with votes of 128-0 and 123-5 (respectively), however the M1A bill irks the Parliament into a deadlock. A furious RSP takes the floor and denounces the bill as a "blatant fascist power grab" while the NDR members voiced concerns over its "reach and power". The Monarchists also voice their concerns, however they are more reserved. The bill is furiously debated until tantrums fly and a fist fight eventually breaks about between three Revivalist Party members and two RSP members, which was eventually broken up after a few swings were thrown. Put to a vote, it's clear that the bill was dead on arrival as the vote clearly goes strongly against it, with a vote of 39-89.

Mar. 15, 1980

Rutvian Socialist Party

Vedran Hruševski spearheads an effort to help not just Rutvian socialists, but all Rutvians, something which is sorely needed after the explosive events of the previous month. The RSP formally introduced an initiative that would bring free healthcare to all, no matter their condition, whether minor or life-threatening. Met with applause from the RSP and NDR, Revivalists become skeptical while the monarchists debate amongst themselves quietly. A Revivalist upstart, Igor Dretchorsky, takes the podium and shows his approval for the plan, however he then questions the RSP as to how this would be done and how this healthcare plan would be funded, as the proposal is vague. "Would the plan involve heavy taxes upon the poor to fund this? Where would this funding come from? I can not vote on this until the source of income for this plan is determined by the RSP! The common man shall not be the boot of the governments plans!"

His statements were met with thunderous applause by the Revivalists and many skeptical monarchists and, as he returned to his seat, his party members were patting him on the back. A new star seems to be rising in the Revivalist Party...

The Prime Minister made a formal declaration toward the RSP: "Either you must define your proposal to be more concise and reintroduce it in the next session, or formally declare as it is and watch is flounder on the floor."



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Rutvian Sun Times [translated to English]
Nationwide Coverage to your Doorstep!

The new parties of the Parliament are the only thing people talk about these days. What will they do? How will they benefit Rutvia? How will they represent us? Well, judging from recent actions, they are doing good work for their constituents.

The Rutvian Socialist Party sticks its charitable arm out for the common folk by opening up soup kitchens in many regions throughout Rutvia, hosted by a small paramilitary wing of the RSP called the Red Berets. Though viewed with suspicion by many outside of the RSP voter base, the RSP and Red Berets have repeatedly stated, "...we are only for the protection of the people and to ensure their wellbeing... nothing more." Along with this, RSP leaders have rallied workers at what few factories remain in operation to inspire them with the message of hope; that they will be protected and their rights will not be trampled upon.

Along with this, RSP Leader Vedran Hruševski has also started a public initiative to curb the gang problem that currently exists in the post-war Rutvian landscape. Many youngsters have turned to petty crime and gangs for survival: "...with the new government, young men must be in the workforce instead of being hoodlums! Down with the gangs!" Vedran has officially stated. Many people are happy to lend their support to the campaign to curb this issue.

Vedran Hruševski Approval Ratings: 50% -> 56% [+6%]

The New Democrats of Rutvia also don't sit idly by in their first few months of office. As Vladimir Solokov has started a nationwide campaign for his voter base to inspire and rally to the cause of social democracy. Solokov has set up a fundraiser with the slogan "A Future to Believe In" as the driving point. This slogan has been highly popular with many who seek to improve their lives as Solokov has stated: "We need an economy that works for ALL of us, not just the top two tenths of one percent."

"The middle class and the working class is what makes this country what it is. We politicians must not forget that we serve YOU. And that you will not be left behind...", Solokov has said as a war cry. Many people have poured small donations that averaged at 27 Rutvian Funts. With a hefty war chest, and a strong, dedicated base, the NDR seeks to bring about change to Rutvia.

Vladimir Solokov Approval Ratings: 50% -> 59% [+9%]

On the other end of the political spectrum, the other two parties have also mobilized their fronts as well for their causes. Starting with the Revivalist Party, Vasili Molotoyev has started by holding fiery speeches in public squares in major cities around Rutvia, bringing in crowds of tens of thousands to hear him speak. Appealing to the working man, he announced: "For far too long, the working man has been the boot of corrupt governments and fat politicians! The Revivalist Party will not stand for this injustice any longer! We shall overcome and endure and we, the common man, shall be the ones to dictate Rutvia's future, not the fat cats of Parliament!"

His fiery speeches have become the topic of much enthusiasm within the Revivalist voter base, and much controversy, as many have criticized Vasili for having "ultra-nationalistic" undertones.

Along with this, in Revivalist-controlled areas, large posters and flyers are printed and posted by the thousands to bring the message to the working man: "From the People, For the People, vote Revivalist!". With a very dedicated base of voters and a campaign movement that is appealing to many underlying feelings, the Revivalist Party is growing stronger.

Vasili Molotoyev Approval Ratings: 50% -> 57% [+7%]

The Monarchists too have launched a campaign effort, though not on the scale as the other parties. Utilizing the new radio stations and TV shows that have risen from the collapse of the old regime, Mitar Martinin has appeared before live audiences and to many viewing or listening at home across the entire nation, giving a calmer paced public campaign that is more solemn and down to earth. Mitar has readily answered numerous questions about his experiences as former royal protector, his experiences in exile, and as a rebel fighter against the regime. Much of what he said truly came from the heart as he recounted the cruelty of the old regime and how the family he swore to protect was mostly slaughtered save for a few. Many Rutvians, even grown men, were reported to have shed a "river of tears" upon hearing his stories, bringing many sympathizers of the old monarchy into the fold.

Mitar Martinin Approval Ratings: 50% -> 62% [+12%]

In the capital of Lerin, a fire broke out in the abandoned Secret Intelligence Building of the old regime, effectively reducing the building to a charred husk. While investigators are looking into the cause of the fire, it is most likely to be confirmed as a "freak accident" due to the shoddy electrical wiring within the building. Many onlookers cheered as the building burned, as this was the headquarters for the brutal secret police that tortured and killed so many during the regime.

Gun stores are selling out in record numbers! Gun dealers and gun stores have reported their stocks dwindling to almost nothing, leaving them without anything to sell. Gun store owner Sergei Vurtreshcki has stated for the record: "I can't believe it! I used to be an illegal seller during the regime, selling only 2 or 3 guns a day, to selling out in that same time period! What is going on?" Analysts have looked into it and some have speculated that a rise in gangs has led to this while others believe that people are buying weapons in large amounts due to their newfound freedom.

Gang violence is on the rise, with reports of the Russian Mob entering the country. Many are worried about this large spike in organized crime as many are bullied or extorted by these ruthless thugs. Many politicians have been quick to denounce this violence, however have yet to present any plan to combat this rising issue. Analysts say that organized crime would have a severe negative impact on the Rutvian economy as a whole if not dealt with.

The Orthodox faith returns home as Kirilo Gospod, a well known monk, has started an initiative to open monasteries and churches in areas where they were destroyed by the old regime. Kirilo, a well known man of god, had this to say: "The faith has always been a pillar of the Rutvian life. And now, it returns to its rightful place."

As leader of the Order of St. Martin, Kirilo makes it his primary mission to revive people's faith in God throughout the nation. While some criticize Kirilo of being "fanatical" or "overzealous", Kirilo dismisses these statements, and continues with his work. The youth of Rutvia have also been introduced to the faith for the first time as Kirilo brings the faith to them, turning many into good Orthodox Christians and rallying their support behind the remaining royal family that lives abroad.

Kirilo Gospod Approval Ratings: 50% -> 63% [+13%]

Subturn 1

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The New York Times

On the night of March 31, 1980, 34 countries from around the globe have recognized the newly formed Republic of Rutvia! The list includes the United States, France, United Kingdom, India, the Federal Republic of Germany, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and others. All of these nations are notable around the world for their influence and position on the political theater and have all expressed their support for the new republic. However, notably absent from the list is the entire Warsaw Pact, the Soviet Union, China, and Greece who are longtime rivals with Rutvia. In light of this, Jimmy Carter, President of the United States, has officially telephoned the Prime Minister of Rutvia, Joseph Karlov, and has officially congratulated him on "shaking the bonds of oppression and tyranny" and "leading his people to a brighter, more hopeful future". Officials from the Soviet Union have denounced this phone call as an "act of aggression" against Soviet interests, however do not officially state their opposition to the new republic. Leonid Brezhnev stated that, "It shall be an interesting experiment... to see how the Rutvian people respond to democracy for the first time in its history."

With these recent developments, Greece has also been in turmoil. Konstantinos Tsatsos, Prime Minister of Greece has officially been overthrown in a sudden, violent coup that left 143 dead with an ultra-nationalistic government being installed. The young new leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, has officially denounced Rutvia, calling the nation "a worthless heap of rubble" and its people "oppressive dogs of the peoples in the historically Greek province of Thessaloniki". He has stated as well: "Greece will be restored its rightful lands, either peacefully or by force. Greece will be reunited!"

Many nations disapprove and have outright refused to acknowledge the new government, and neighbors, most notably the new Rutvian Republic, are shifting nervously at these new developments. The Balkans once again seems to be boiling up as it did in the past.

Stock markets around the globe are on the rise as the Dow Jones Industrial Average reported an increase of 3.5% throughout this quarter as businesses around the world report record numbers of income and profits. This bodes well for the business environment as many are looking to expand their operations with their ever increasing war chests, some looking to expand into more destitute regions across the globe. American automobile manufacturer, The Ford Motor Company has openly expressed interest in investing abroad as COO Donald Petersen has stated: "There are areas around the world that need jobs and we are willing to invest in a poor or developing country... as it is mutually beneficial for both us and them.". As a result of this statement, Ford stocks have risen by about $2.30 USD to $3.30 a share, a much needed boost for the company.

Turn 3: April 1, 1980 to June 30, 1980

The First Summer


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Rutvian Parliamentary News [translated to English]

The start of the new summer brings sweltering heats to Rutvia as many seek shelter from the blistering sun and temperatures soar throughout. But it isn't only the temperature that flares, it's tempers on the Rutvian Parliament floor as ideologies clash and duke it out over policy making. This first summer of the Republic has begun.

April 4, 1980

Rutvian Socialist Party

Vedran Hruševski started off the new session with the reintroduction of his former bill for free health care. This time, specifying that taxes on the rich and large businesses would be slightly increased to pay for this system. While good in theory, several New Democrats immediately voiced criticism over the bill, with one stating: "...for there to be taxes on big businesses we first need to HAVE big businesses on our soil..." Revivalists have also voiced their own criticisms, calling it a blatant "socialist plot" to lure people in by using the world "free". Vasili Molotoyev immediately stated that "...this bill will still fail. I will see to it personally that the common man are not seduced by the dark words of socialism!"

Before voting began, Vedran introduced another bill which had provisions to split the chief magistrate into two parts, a head of state and then a head of government: a President and a Prime Minister. Vedran stated: " is absolutely necessary to have in place provisions that would prevent one from gaining too much power, lest Rutvia would fall into tyranny once again."

This legislative piece was better received, however Revivalists still would not budge. Several Revivalists jeered and one stated: "...this is an obvious ploy to weaken the government in the longer term so these socialists can use this weakness for their own advantage! Down with this bill!"

The first bill for free health care was put to a vote and failed to pass with a total tally of 50 for and 78 against. The second bill was much more hotly debated as, while many shared the same sentiment, many others did not trust the Socialists. It seemed as if another fist fight was about to break out between the RSP and the RP, thankfully the Prime Minister had prepared for this by having security in the building to separate the most probable belligerents. Put to a vote, the "Anti-Tyranny Act" was a hotly debated vote which ended up passing, but just barely, with 66-62. The Prime Minister expressed his disappointment toward the conduct of the RSP and Revivalist MPs as well as disappointment over the RSP not trusting him to rule without tyranny, stating: "Even if I were to become tyrannical, in some odd universe, there would always be Parliament to stop me."

Nonetheless, he accepted the outcome and LP-004, the "Anti-Tyranny Act" was put into effect, considered a victory for the left and a defeat for the right by many throughout the nation.

April 21, 1980

Revivalist Party

The Revivalist Party kept its head up even when defeated earlier with the passing of LP-004. Vasili Molotoyev came up to the podium and announced a bill to give subsidies to the elderly, known as the "Elderly Income Act". Vasili brazenly and boldly stated that anyone who did not support this provision to aid the elderly in having a feasible income to sustain themselves would prove themselves to be "anti-Rutvian" and "against the people". This was specifically pointed toward the direction of the RSP, however other parties felt it too. This crude but effective political move practically ensured the passing of this act, with a unanimous vote of 128-0, a stunning victory and return to form for the Revivalist Party and, most notably, a massive political defeat for the RSP as they were humiliated on the floor, cornered by their main rival.

The bill was officially signed into law as LP-005 later that day.

May 3, 1980

Lev Kuznetsov, a new face in the Revivalist Party, had a few words to say of his own in the beginning of May. He first introduced his first bill, the "Rutvian Traditions Preservation Act", onto the floor, which would get children in schools to learn traditional Rutvian things, such as dances, songs, and culture. He stated: " preserve our national identity as a people in these uncertain times, we must preserve the old ways before moving forward."

Thunderous applause came from the Monarchists and the Revivalists with scattered applause from the NDR. Only the Socialists stayed silent in their seats, clearly still fuming from their massive loss a few weeks ago. Lev also introduced a bill that would force the government to keep inflation under control by reducing the amount of money printed and circulated into the Rutvian economy. A favorable Parliament again, applauded the measurements by what appeared to be a less hot-headed Revivalist.

The former was put to a vote and passed with a vote of 83-45, passing as LP-006. The latter was also then put to a vote and also passed with 88-40 as LP-007. Another victory for the Revivalists and a stunning display of political genius by the newcomer to the stage, as he managed to pass both of his bills on the floor, especially on his first try. This certainly is a political power figure to watch out for in the future, and a considerable asset for the Revivalists.

May 15, 1980

RutvianNewDemocraticFlag RutvianMonarchistFlag
NDR-Monarchist Coalition

In a joint statement, NDR leader Vladimir Solokov and Monarchist leader Mitar Martinin have announced their ambitions to work together on policy making for the foreseeable future, stating: "We work not just for Monarchists or NDR voters, but for all Rutvians across our nation. We start our work today!"

With applause ensuing, two bills were immediately introduced onto the floor.

The first is called the "People's Tax Reform Act", which aims to replace the temporary tax system set in place by the government with one that can be adjusted accordingly but has a set percentages at the start. 35% for the wealthy, 25% for the middle class, and 15% for the poor and working class. Along with this, a 10% sales tax would be instituted for any products purchased on Rutvian soil. Vladimir Solokov explained the brackets to be "fair" and "making sure everyone pays their fair share". While support is strong from the coalition, the Revivalists voiced their own concerns, particularly on the middle class bracket. Revivalist leader Vasili Molotoyev angrily shouted: "25% income and 10% sales would rob the wealth of those who worked hard to gain a better life! This must be lowered!"

Meanwhile, a small minority of the NDR and Monarchists also voiced their complaints regarding the 10% sales tax, claiming that it should be lower as well as the people don't have much to spend currently. Socialist leader Vedran Hruševski also had complained regarding the 10% sales tax, claiming that "...the steepness of such a tax so early on within our Republic's history would only negatively impact the people."

The Prime Minister then stated on the floor that "...the bill should be looked over and reintroduced in the next session before taking such an action, to make sure that the flaws and kinks are all worked out."

Shortly after taking note of the criticisms, Mitar and Vladimir conceded and withdrew the bill to be reworked.


Next, the "Agrarian Relief Bill" was introduced onto the floor, which would give tax breaks toward farmers and subsidize the agricultural industry of Rutvia. This bill also has provisions regarding the health of arable land within Rutvia's borders, the banning of land fragmentation, and a system to sell off government land cheaply to prospecting buyers or to peasants who petition for land they worked on to be returned to them.

This new bill was much more positively received as the agriculture sector of Rutvia desperately needed help after the war to grow and rebuild. The bill was passed 122-6 without much resistance and formally signed into law on the same day as it was passed as LP-008.

June 4, 1980

With summer in full swing, Vladimir Solokov introduces the first bill of the month, the "Economic Growth and Expansion Act", co-sponsored and co-introduced onto the floor by Sara Gregović. The provisions include dropping the current export tax and corporation tax by 5% and 4%, respectively. Solokov stated, "...this is necessary to ensure that our country is lucrative to foreign investments and businesses so that our economy can once again function."

Met with mostly positive support, except from the RSP, the bill passes 92-36 as LP-009.

June 20, 1980

A new face appeared from the Monarchists to speak on the floor today: Svetozar Stevanović. He proposed two bills: the "Firearms Protection Act" and the "Education to Employment Act".

The former calls for the need for a public referendum regarding the banning of any type of firearm [i.e. when a certain assault rifle is banned, a public referendum is held to enquire the public's want for a ban of said weapon], and the latter gives bonuses [in the form of tax breaks] to companies in Rutvia that take in and teach young people and donate to movements that directly benefit the educational system of Rutvia.

The former bill is warmly received by many MPs, as they believe in "the peoples voice" to be heard whenever Parliament enacts an action of such stature. It passes 101-27 and is signed into law the next day as LP-010.

The latter is also well received, as everyone wants to look good by supporting education one way or another. The bill also passes 116-12 and signed into law the next day as LP-011.


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Rutvian Sun Times [translated to English]
Nationwide Coverage to your Doorstep!

As the summer progresses, many seek shelter from the hot sun, however the MPs do not sit idly and wait, they take initiative to prove to the people that they work their hardest, even in these sweltering heats!

The RSP funded Red Berets have continued their charitable work by opening more soup kitchens in low-income, destitute neighborhoods throughout Rutvia, bringing much needed relief and food to those who cannot afford it. Along with this the Red Berets have started a new "Neighborhood Watch" initiative to teach the lower classes how to defend themselves from criminals and criminal activity. Many RSP voters are grateful for this, as there has been gang violence and organized crime plaguing the streets due to the arrival of the Russian Mob into the major cities. However, criticism rise again regarding the paramilitary organization's new initiative, with critics stating that "Arming and training citizens to fight against crime is nothing more than vigilante justice. The law enforcement of this land must be the ones to deliver justice not ordinary citizens."

Another critic is from Vasili Molotoyev, Revivalist Party Leader, stating once again to a large crowd of 11,000 people at a rally: "This is once again a blatant ploy by the Socialists to arm the populace in the event an uprising occurs. They would train a homegrown army to overthrow our Parliament and instill, again, a dictatorship! This must stop now!"

Meanwhile, more RSP rallies take place in factories, inspiring the common man, however this has been extended to rural areas. Though the attendance is not very high, the farmers are grateful to be acknowledged by the RSP and not forgotten.

However, party popularity has somewhat dwindled due to the defeats on the parliament floor, shaking many people's confidence in the RSP to effectively represent them. Vedran Hruševski will have to work hard to regain confidence in his party, as it will be sorely needed in the future.

Vedran Hruševski Approval Ratings: 56% -> 54% [-2%]

Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum, the Revivalists have given a show of strength toward all the people to Rutvia with their recent victories on Parliament. Vasili Molotoyev led a rally in the capital of Lerin, where 11000 people attended, a record number so far for any rally, where he announced the victories in Parliament to the people and gave a powerful speech regarding the strength of the Revivalist movement, even under the hot summer sun. Vasili also took this moment to again attack the RSP and their Red Berets' new neighborhood watch initiative, which drew thunderous applause in approval of Vasili's criticizing remarks.

Vasili also took the initiative to appeal to the destitute working man and the struggling middle class of Rutvia by stating: "So long as my heart beats, so long as my lungs breath air, I shall continue to fight for you! The Revivalists will all fight for you!" which once again drew thunderous applause. And regarding the new Republic's recognition by many powerful nations, Vasili stated: "We are a proud people who do not foreign intervention, however it is appreciated that our strength is noticed by the world. We shall use this to rebuild and grow Rutvia once again!"

Vasili Molotoyev Approval Ratings: 57% -> 68% [+11%]

A new star in the Revivalist Party, Lev Kuznetsov, has also started his public work throughout Rutvia. Using the momentum from his two bills passing, Lev made his own rally which managed to draw 8000 people to listen, a first for him. Lev started off by announcing the Kuznetsov Organization, which would work as a charity to bring aid and help to Rutvians in need, to all Rutvians not just Revivalist voters. This gave him a powerful reception as many were quick to report on his generosity and his kindness toward his people. The first order of business was to buy modern textbooks and translate them into Rutvian for the schools around the nation.

Lev also made appearances on TV talk shows and radio hosts, who wanted to score an interview with this new political star, bringing his face and voice to millions across the nation. Lev also used his own personal wealth to fund art projects that would envision the glory of the Rutvian people and the new Republic. While criticized by some as being "overtly nationalistic", many welcome these powerful commissions in these hard times.

All this shows how powerful of an influence Kuznetsov has become in such a short period of time, and the people are more than welcoming of a face that represents them in Parliament.

Lev Kuznetsov Approval Ratings: 50% -> 63% [+13%]

Under the guiding hand of Kirilo Gospod, the Orthodox faith is being reintroduced into the hearts and minds of many throughout Rutvia. Kirilo started off by leading a pilgrimage with the members of the Order of St. Martin to Mount Athos, a historically significant sacred spot for Orthodoxy. While they mostly were left untouched, they did meet trouble along the way with some ultra-nationalistic Greek hecklers from the Golden Dawn, also on a pilgrimage to Mount Athos. Though not much occurred through this encounter, a few harsh words were given by these Greek troublemakers, which caused more than enough reason for Lev Kuznetsov to formally voice his denunciation of Greece and the Golden Dawn, stating that they are "an affront to the Rutvian people and their values".

Kirilo Gospod also started a new radio station, focusing mostly on the Orthodox gospel and faith, while allowing some political and religious talk shows on there as well, allowing many people to tune in and listen to the gospel of Christ and the Lord.

Kirilo has also made a public effort for churches and monasteries around Rutvia to donate to the Order of St. Martin in order to build soup kitchens for the poor and for farmers to donate some of their crops to give food to the poor, however this drew criticism as many people viewed it as "heckling for money" and "practically begging and un-Christian-like".

Kirilo Gospod Approval Ratings: 63% -> 63% [+0%]

With many requests from TV talk shows and radio hosts, Mitar Martinin appeared again to millions of people to explain the new coalition and his ambitions to work with the other side of the table to help all Rutvians. These comments split the Monarchist voting base, some were totally for it, while a plurality of Monarchist voters disagreed with this move, with one citizen stating: "...this coalition is incompatible in terms of ideology. I cannot agree with this move at all."

Mitar also hosted a joint fundraiser rally with multiple NDR members to raise funds for the currently ailing agricultural industry of Rutvia. In this rally, Mitar gave a speech stating, "Apathy is the enemy of democracy. It allows tyrants to rise and freedom to fall. We must never forget the horrors of the Rostoevsky regime. Everyone, young and old, must be politically active, even if you don't agree with me. We must all be involved in our government." This speech drew thundering applause from the crowd and many were joyful to hear such a moving speech.

Mitar Martinin Approval Ratings: 62% -> 60% [-2%]

Monarchist MP Svetozar Stevanović has also not sit idly by while Mitar works for the party. With his recent successes on the floor, Svetozar has made somewhat of a name for himself in the Monarchist voter base, as many view him as a "great politician". Using this momentum, Svetozar went onto the most popular late night talk show, "Insider Look with Andrei Presinski", for an interview regarding his vision for the future. Svetozar immediately used this to proclaim that "...the reinstatement of the crown to its rightful place alongside the Parliament in a constitutional monarchy would allow us to thrive and prosper once more." He also made a statement that anyone who joined the Monarchist party as a member would receive a free hunting rifle, which drew laughs from the audience, unsure if he was being serious or not. Svetozar also brought up education reform, citing the abysmal 47% literacy rate that plagues the country currently: "This is UNACCEPTABLE! We must do something about this problem, lest our children and their children will suffer the same way we do now!"

In his closing remarks, he stated: "The Monarchist party and my legislation will continue to work to improve Rutvia with our new coalition, improve it for the future, but the people who will enjoy that future must be educated in the ways to KEEP THAT FUTURE! VOTE FOR MONARCHIST, VOTE FOR EDUCATION!" which drew a standing ovation from the audience.

His interview was positively received throughout the nation as many tuned in that night to hear him speak, allowing his voice to be heard.

Svetozar Stevanović Approval Ratings: 50% -> 58% [+8%]

The NDR leader, Vladimir Solokov used recent successes on the floor to improve the NDR's standing with its voting populace, by hosting a "town hall", an event where voters of all kinds can directly ask questions to Vladimir and other NDR MPs for an immediate response to their questions or concerns. This event, being the first of its kind, drew a record number of people to apply for audience seating, over 9000 people. While only 200 were allowed into the event, it was understandable that not everyone would get their questions answered if everyone was allowed in. This new type of event was very positively received as a whole nonetheless as many people were satisfied to feel that "their voices were heard and answered."

Vladimir Solokov also issued a public statement regarding the recent recognition from world governments, applauding them and stating that "this is a new era in the country's history filled with potential prosperity and newfound diplomatic wealth, and we look forward to working with the West."

These statements immediately drew criticism abroad from the Soviets and the Eastern Bloc, however many NDR voters were ecstatic. Many NDR voters were also pleased with the new coalition formed, believing it to be beneficial for both sides of the table in the long run.

Vladimir Solokov Approval Ratings: 59% -> 64% [+5%]

Crime and gang violence continues to be on the rise! Many youngsters are still joining small time gangs and committing petty crimes, while the Russian Mob continues its reign of terror upon the populace, extorting small businesses [or what remain of them] for money and beating insubordinate peoples. Many look forward to the Red Berets' neighborhood watch program to help them, but this is only in several locations. Many are left in literal gang war zones as people are beaten, robbed, or murdered daily in the cities or towns. This problem is something of a message to the government, showing how thinly stretched the law enforcement budget is and how understaffed it currently is. The toll will only grow higher...

COO of the Ford Motor Company, Donald Peterson made a visit to a Rutvian factory to view the technology at use there, furthering the rumors of Ford possibly announcing their intent to formally invest into Rutvia. The trip lasted three days as he toured the major industrial areas of Rutvia, including the capital of Lerin. After leaving and returning home, Donald Peterson stated to the Washington Post: "I'm quite impressed by the Rutvian factories and how they continue to run even after a civil war. There is potential there."

Nikolaos Michaloliakos, the new de facto leader of Greece, announced plans to rebuild and retool the Greek military and called it "an investment to ensure Greek security and strength". He also fired back at recent comments from several politicians from Rutvia, calling them "imbeciles of the lowest kind" and "opportunistic worms". Nikolaos also has begun work on retooling the Greek economy to better serve the Golden Dawn's interests, passing multiple laws that require people and businesses to directly pay a 30% tax directly to the state. "Everyone must pay the same price to ensure your livelihoods" was the justification from Nikolaos. And so far, it seems to have worked as many are approving, or if against it, they are hiding it very well.

Rutvians should be concerned with these developments and the government should take necessary precautions against this new threat.

The current health-care infrastructure of Rutvia is buckling from the amount of people entering the clinics and hospitals, either due to natural sicknesses or due to the gang violence causing injuries. Many hospitals are overflowing with the sick and injured while being understaffed, causing tremendous tensions and pressure onto the current infrastructure. It may seem that soon the entire thing may buckle and collapse due to this.

Turn 4: July 1, 1980 to September 30, 1980

Blood Stains the Land


Post link:

Rutvian Parliamentary News [translated to English]

The new nation falls into a crisis as blood is shed from innocent peoples in Lerin while tensions rise between Greece and Rutvia. Many are nervous about the new country's future, but we will stay strong in these dark times!

July 7, 1980

Rutvian Socialist Party

After several days of wild banter and tempers between the parties, Vedran Hruševski came to the podium to officially state something of value: "We will continue to fight for the people, even with our previous losses. We will support any bill that guarantees public welfare of the Rutvian people..." he started, "...we will look past party divisions and work to bring about a system that helps Rutvians in need", drawing approval from the Monarchists and the NDR, but the Revivalists stayed completely silent.

While not proposing anything to the floor, this shows the others that they're willing to work across the aisle with others.

August 12, 1980

Revivalist Party

Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, the Revivalists again display a show of force as they flood the floor with proposals. Starting with Vasili Molotoyev, he places not one, not two, but FOUR pieces of legislation onto the floor for debate, one being worked on with Lev Kuznetsov. They are as follows:

  • Form CR-1: All criminals found to commit violent crimes [I.E Rape, Murder, Assault, Armed Robbery] are to be non-eligible for parole
  • Form CR-2: Drug usage is to remain criminalized and given the highest possible punishments. Drug dealers are to be non-eligible for parole
  • Form HC-1a [co-sponsored by Lev Kuznetsov]: Increased funding from taxes to assist the ailing healthcare system of Rutvia
  • Form HC-1b: Construct a healthcare center of some kind for every town with a population larger than 5,000 (mainly triage/immediacare centers)

Form CR-1 finds much approval amongst the MPs, except those of the RSP, passing with a vote of 78-50 as LP-012. However, it is the CR-2 bill that draws controversy on the floor. Several lawmakers from the NDR and Monarchists urged that "...drug users should not be punished, but instead rehabilitated, punishment won't stamp out the problem." The RSP stated their intentions to vote nay on the form and with large scale opposition from the other two, the bill fails with a vote of 39-89.

On the healthcare side however, things looked more optimistic, since with the revised tax bill being currently formed giving confidence in passing more healthcare related issues. Forms HC-1a and HC-1b score support even from the RSP, who have shown willingness to work with others to pass good healthcare laws. HC-1a is later passed with a tally of 116-12 as LP-013 and HC-1b is passed with a tally of 106-22 as LP-014.

September 1, 1980

RutvianNewDemocraticFlag RutvianMonarchistFlag
NDR-Monarchist Coalition

Kirilo Gospod takes the stand to finally re-introduce the reworked and highly anticipated People's Tax Reform Act that would change the tax levels to a 20-15-10 bracket, institute a lower sales tax at 5%, and introduce tax breaks for corporations for ten years after they construct their first factories in Rutvia.

While several Revivalists voice their disapproval on the corporate tax side of the bill, most fall in line to pass the bill as LP-015 with a final tally of 94-34.

With this success, Kirilo also uses this to call for a bill to help improve education and public services in Rutvia, stating that "Education is essential in this new age. Our children must grow to be intelligent and to be able to think for themselves". He also calls for a delegation to be sent to the UN to request admittance into the organization, which sparks some jeers from several Revivalists, however most are eager to be recognized as a sovereign nation.

September 12, 1980

Mitar Martinin took the floor to start discussion in regards to the appointment of judges, as well as the restructuring of law enforcement within the country, in order to make sure the police could do its job more effectively and ensure vigilantism doesn't become widespread. "Our law enforcement is so thinly spread, that they cannot deal with the violent gang war going on in Lerin!" Mitar angrily stated. "We need to rectify this issue immediately!"

Several debates occurred over the next couple of days, with Revivalists taking a hard-line stance on gangs with harsh punishments along with giving the police a large budget while the RSP looked for more lenient sentencing and a moderate police budget. This sparked disagreements between the two that almost started yet another fist fight between the two parties, however it was broken up by the Parliament Security before things got out of hand.

September 15, 1980

Svetozar Stevanović takes the floor to urge the MPs to set a date to be set upon which Parliament can have a debate on what to do about Rutvia's gun laws (or lack there of). "With record numbers of people purchasing firearms, we need to set some regulations in place in regards to this, lest we will have people stockpiling enough weapons to arm a small army."

MPs agree to discuss gun control in the next session but don't set an exact date yet.


Post link:

Rutvian Sun Times [translated to English]
Nationwide Coverage to your Doorstep!

Many were hoping for a peaceful fall to transition into winter festivities, however that is not to be.

Vedran Hruševski goes on the offensive, as he urges workers under the RSP banner to strike in factories for better wages. This sparks multiple workers strikes in prominent factories across the country, including Lerin. While several are successful in small businesses, larger businesses easily fire their workers and replace those with workers that are compliant to earn a wage. Workers have a long way to go in order to gain higher wages, but the battle has started.

Along with this, Vedran makes a bold move for the party, declaring their intentions to fight the Revivalists at every step of the way, without any compromise, along with declaring MPs who vote against public welfare bills to be "enemies of the people". "The Revivalists pose a real threat to our new democracy and to our freedoms. We will fight to ensure that the citizens of Rutvia will stay free from tyranny!" Vedran stated. This is a low-key declaration of war from the RSP against the Revivalists, something that numerous Revivalist politicians are quick to denounce, including Lev Kuznetsov, who stated that "This partisan politics is exactly what they want. They want to divide and conquer the Rutvian people by pitting us against each other."

While this is bold, it is appreciated by RSP members as they want a show of force from their leadership.

Vedran Hruševski Approval Ratings: 54% -> 56% [+2%]

Vasili Molotoyev starts a large scale public campaign against drug use, stating that "Drugs ruin the traditions and families of Rutvia, this must be stamped out now!", and while many appreciate the movement, some vocal critics state that his hardline policies against drug users would be basically "indoctrinated" into the Rutvian youth. Vasili dismissed these critics as "whiners" and "criminal apologists".

Vasili also takes to public TV to denounce the RSP on their lack of attention towards the crime issues, stating that "The Red Berets are a half-measure that implements a politically-aligned militia with the sole purpose of spreading fear.", most likely referencing the recent attacks on ethnic Greeks in Thessaloniki.

With much criticism heading his way, some people are swayed by these voices and look elsewhere to give their support to.

Vasili Molotoyev Approval Ratings: 68% -> 66% [-2%]

Lev Kuznetsov did not sit idle during this time either. Lev managed to publish his book, "Life of a Rutvian Patriot", which recounts Lev’s harsh upbringing and his successful rise to politics as an inspiring message to all Rutvians. The book received good reviews overall from Rutvian critics, however critics abroad were not so kind. This did not matter as scores of peoples went to buy the book in local Rutvian bookstores to read about Lev and his life.

Lev also leads a public effort to bring in industry to the country as well as increase funding for education and healthcare, going on a large rally tour across the country. Many thousands of people attend as Lev gives his speeches, leaving many hopeful for the future. Lev also makes it public that he continues to invest his own money into the educational system of the country, a lot of it coming from book sales, to buy books, equipment, and other things for children.

Lev continues to build popular support with his actions throughout the year as he rises higher and higher.

Lev Kuznetsov Approval Ratings: 63% -> 67% [+4%]

Kirilo Gospod works on continuing the expansion of the Rutvian Christian Radio Network, by including a news reporting section of the show along with expansion to multiple other radio towers across the nation to bring the faith to the people. Gospod also works to help the poor and needy by visiting slums and poor villages, teaching them to write with help from monks. Gospod holds a large countryside rally where he states, "The Monarchist Party will always be the the party of the common man, and we Monarchists will always represent the people first." The homeless in said slums and villages are taken in to shelters to be cleaned up and given a hot meal along with counseling to help find jobs, offering housing until they find said job. Gospod also sets up a public office where he and his staff can receive mail, appointments and petitions to hear the voices of the peoples, and his constituents.

Gospod's actions do not go unnoticed amongst the Rutvian people, and this raises his popularity in the polls.

Kirilo Gospod Approval Ratings: 63% -> 65% [+2%]

Inspired by fellow politician Vladimir Solokov, Mitar Martinin hosts his own town hall style forum, attracting a modest number of applications for a seat [around 3000] with an admittance of 150 into the small building. Many people are appreciating these kinds of events, as it allows them to directly communicate their concerns to their politicians and representatives.

Along with this, Mitar continues to make appearances on late night TV and radio talk shows, continuing his support of the coalition that some look unfavorably at. "The ultra-nationalism of the Revivalists and the sponsored vigilantism of the RSP must be countered by a coalition of the moderate parties in Parliament. Otherwise, they would get their way." Mitar stated on television. While many dissenters from before are quick to agree, some Monarchists still hold reservations about siding with a party that is ideologically different than their beliefs.

Mitar Martinin Approval Ratings: 60% -> 61% [+1%]

Svetozar Stevanović also defends the NDR-Monarchist coalition, making a powerful speech at a rally:

“The way I see it is this; our country has just come out of a war. We are in shambles, politically, socially and economically. The alliance between the Monarchists and the Social Democrats, in my opinion, is not only needed at this time, but an excellent decision on my leader's and Solokov's part. Our two parties, while having differing beliefs, are compatible enough to fit together, or at the very least enough that we can discuss sensibly with each other to come to a policy or agreement that fits both our voters... but the main reason why I support our coalition is because without an alliance we would be fighting against each other while two big extremes rise up. I am of course talking about the Revivalists and the Socialists. The Revivalists I am concerned about the most; while they may be empathized with for their anger, that anger is a grievous warning for the future. The Socialists, on the other hand, are a dangerous kind, for they wish to have only their side and ONLY their economic policies be implemented, with no room to change.

Of course, as a Monarchist, you may disagree with the NDR. As a Socialist, you may disagree with the Monarchists. As a member of the NMS, I must tell all you NDR members and voters, I am not your enemy and I won't blame you if you vote for only your party. I say the same, of course, to my Monarchist allies.

We are about to enter a political conflict with the two extremes. Ladies and gentlemen, while we shuffle papers, prepare your rifles. Crime is on the rise and so are the Revivalists!”

This sparks some sharp criticism from the Revivalists, and some more extreme Monarchists, calling it an "unwarranted attack" on "patriots of Rutvia".

Svetozar also gives an interview to the Rutvian Sun Times on him being a businessman elected to Parliament. In the interview he had stated: “I work for the people and my pocket, but recently my efforts and morals towards working for the people are starting to overrule the latter. I will not lie, I am making a lot of money from people buying my weapons, but I promise you sir, and to anyone who reads this, I may sell weapons, but as a good politician, I will make an effort to settle the law on such weapons for the good of the people, not my pocket!"

Some political ethicists criticized Svetozar for his remarks, calling him to cut off any and all business ties so long as he is an elected member of Parliament, clearly not convinced of his words. Many people not of the Monarchist party share the same sentiments, as people do not believe Svetozar for the most part.

Svetozar Stevanović Approval Ratings: 58% -> 53% [-5%]

Vladimir Solokov stayed quiet and kept his head low during Parliament this session, but has not done the same in the public light.

Solokov continues to hold town hall events in light of the recent popularity of his last one, attracting modest applications for seats in every one, along with holding public speech rallies to rally support for the NDR. This keeps people interested in the party they support along with newcomers looking for someone to support.

Solokov also holds a party fundraiser with Sara Gregović to grow the war chest for the party in the inevitable elections a few years from now. However, controversy stews when it is found out that several Western influences, including corporations, are found to be attending the event. The Revivalists, upon hearing this, immediately denounce this as a threat to Rutvian interests, as these corporations only "care to make money, not care for the working man".

Solokov also meets with executives of the Ford Motor Company in the United States, with intentions to persuade them to commit to an investment into Rutvia, citing the new Tax Reform Bill that gives tax breaks to corporations along with the benefits of a low export and corporation tax within the country.

Vladimir Solokov Approval Ratings: 64% -> 63% [-1%]

Blood stains the streets of Lerin!

A full-on gang war has blown up in the capital of Lerin when several trucks belonging to the gang known as the Cold 9-0 unleashed a flurry of bullets at the safehouse of a rival gang, Blood Ravens, killing 7. This sparked an immediate counterattack which now leads the city of Lerin into a literal warzone. Bodies litter the streets with broken glass as gunshots can be heard from near and far and fires reign in several "no-go zones". Several safe zones have been established by the thinly spread law enforcement, however they are overflowing and cannot contain all the civilian populace of the city.

COO of the Ford Motor Company, Donald Peterson has officially announced on behalf of the company that the company would indeed be investing into building a manufacturing plant in Rutvia. The announcement continues to bring up Ford stocks from $3.30 to $3.90 a share, as the move is seen to expand the company as well as lower costs for manufacturing of Ford vehicles.

Several attacks have taken place in the province of Thessaloniki against ethnic Greeks, as people have been robbed and beaten, their homes trashed and burned by thugs. Several eyewitness accounts claim that the attackers were the Red Berets from the RSP, however nothing could be corroborated. This does not stop Nikolaos Michaloliakos from denouncing Rutvia to the entire world: "These Rutvian dogs have blatantly attacked ethnic Greeks living in the rightful Greek region of Thessaloniki! This is an atrocity and we will not stand for this!"

This statement comes with a build up of Greek infantry near the Rutvian-Greek border at Thessaloniki, most likely as a show of force from the Greeks.

An attempted assassination occurred at a private Revivalist party against Vasili Molotoyev, as a lone sniper shot and hit Vasili in the chest with a rifle bullet. Security at the scene were quick to track and find the sniper, however the sniper took his own life before being captured, without a chance of being interrogated.

Vasili was in critical condition when he arrived at the hospital, however he was stabilized after 10 hours of surgery near his heart. Vasili Molotoyev is indeed a very lucky man to be alive.

Multiple Revivalists have been quick to decry this as a blatant attack by the RSP, however nothing can be corroborated currently. A formal federal investigation is currently underway to determine the root cause of this attempt on his life.

Turn 5: October 1, 1980 to December 31, 1980

Stagnation of the State