Free State of Misiryaban
Motto: What can go wrong?
Lighter colors = Longer time ago
Location Isle of Mann
CapitalCity of Misriyaban
Official languages Turkish
Religion Islam (Sunni)
Demonym Misiryabanni
Government Single-party state; Totalitarian Dictatorship lead by the NSMWP
 -  Sultan
Independence from Spain
 -  First Grand Coalition War 250 BCE - 1 CE 
 -  Annexation by Spain 1000 - 1020 
 -  1080 estimate 22 Million (4)
Currency Kebab

The Free State of Misiryaban is a player nation in Creation of Centuries, played by KingArcher.


Starting out as the Empire of Dagger in the beginning, after some unfortunate wars, he was pushed out of the mainland and onto Cyprus and the Balearic Islands. From there, he successfully managed to create a colony in Britain, located in Cornwall (now called Misirduvar). From there, he founded the Misiryaban Caliphate, based in the first city settlement, Misiryaban. Later, he would be annexed by Spain. Afterwards, the religious situation within Iberia allowed him to revolt and establish the Free State of Misiryaban, controlled by the National Socialist Misiriyabanni Workers Party.