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Mob Wars
Game Master Satansick
Total turns 3
Location North America
Start date 2000
Creation date 21st of March, 2014
Status Died out
Link Here
Mob Wars V2: Electric Boogaloo in Cold War Europe
Game Master Satansick
Total turns 0
Location Europe
Start date 1960
Creation date 17th of May, 2014
Status Never started
Link Here

Mob Wars is an RP series made by Facepunch user Satansick. The RP allowed players to take the role of the patriarch of their own criminal organization.

The original took place in North America and started in the year 2000. Each turn spanned over a year. The map is from the Paradox Interactive strategy game, Hearts of Iron 3, cropped to include North America only. After 3 turns with 6 players in total, the RP slowly died out due to the lack of turns sent to the Gamemaster.

Almost 2 months later, Satansick attempted again to do the RP by making a sequel, taking place in Europe and starting at the dawn of the 1960s. Using a cropped Victoria 2 map, it died out before it started.