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Modern World
Game Masters Zambies! (V1), Sobotnik and Diago21 (V2)
Total turns 3 (V1), 16 + 2 (V2)
Start date 2012
Creation date 19th of July, 2012
Status Finished
Links V1

Modern World V1 & V2 are RPs, the first originally made by Facepunch user Zambies!. They are members of the Modern World series.

The first Modern World lasted for only 3 days, during which 3 turns were made. Following the 3rd turn, a large amount of drama happened, which included everyone involved in the RP. As a result, Zambies! quit the position of Game Master. On the same day, Sobotnik decided to pick up the RP, creating V2, the more famous of the two.

Lasting from 2012 to 2019, the RP had a total of 16 turns, with the 16th turn including an epilogue. Following this, Diago21 made a brief attempt to revive it, managing to GM for 2 turns.

Because of how intertwined the creation of V2 is to the drama of V1, the two are generally mentioned together, even if only V2 is important.

If you want to see any of the turns without going to Facepunch, use this link.