KingArcher: gib the pusi b0ss
Damian0358: let's get some pussy tonight
KingArcher: agreed
KingArcher: can we have pusi page on wiki b0ss
Damian0358: sorreh no can do
KingArcher: pusi page
KingArcher: first sentence
KingArcher: definition of pussy: Damian0358
Damian0358: second sentence
Damian0358: definition of faggot: KingArcher
KingArcher: third sentence
KingArcher: filthy infidel liar: damian again
Damian0358: fourth sentence
Damian0358: in denial: cyrus again
KingArcher: fifth sentence
KingArcher: closet kebab lover: damian
Damian0358: sixth sentence
Damian0358: truth: fifth sentence
Damian0358: gyros, cevapi, kebab
Damian0358: yummy
KingArcher: seventh sentence
KingArcher: fifth meant kebab as a metaphor for turkish rule over the balkans
KingArcher: p.s. damian is a fagot
Damian0358: eight sentence
Damian0358: food: kebab; empire: ottoman
KingArcher: 9th sentence: same thing fagot
KingArcher: this better be an actual page
Damian0358: 10th sentence: you cannot eat ottoman, faggot
KingArcher: 11th: what if you like eating wood and ate an ottoman
KingArcher: or a cannibal
KingArcher: and ate a human ottomeme
Damian0358: 12th: this is going too far
KingArcher: 13th: pussy page confirmed
Damian0358: 14th: pussy page deconfirmed bitch
KingArcher: 15th: ill keep this going until you allow it
KingArcher: will unleash all the proxies
KingArcher: infinite pusi pages
Damian0358: fine I'll add it
Damian0358: but it will be a sort of easter egg thingy
Damian0358: an in-joke
KingArcher: thank god
KingArcher: you've done the right thing

what the fuck is this pusi shit?

Congrats, you found the "pusi" page. KingArcher nagged me into making our conversation into a page. Don't speak of this ever, you hear?