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The Ascent of Man
Game Master Emperorconor
Total turns 15
Start date 0 AP
Creation date 10th of June, 2014
Status Ended
Link Here

The Ascent of Man is an RP made by Facepunch user Emperorconor.

Ascent of Man begins in year zero of the Anthropocene era, with there being minor changes in the course of geological and prehistory. Technologically and culturally, this world's development is equivalent to the historical late Neolithic era (4000 BCE). Ascent of Man is much like its predecessor Creation of Centuries and previous installments of Forum RPs in general, with the premise that players create civilizations and attempt to alter the course of history in all sort of ways. However, Facepunch user Griffster26, in a fit of rage after events involving his nation caused it to destabilize, contacted the forum moderator Orkel and revealed to him the horrible truth behind Emperorconor, leading to his permabanning. In total, it had 15 turns.

If you want to see any of the turns without going to Facepunch, use this link.


The expansion of humanity appeared to slow down due to the effects of several events in the late Pliocene era. The Younger Dryas existed longer than they had originally, lasting an additional thousand years than they did historically. By the beginning of this RP, several different species have managed to survive without human intervention, such as being hunted and such, and also due in part to the first migration of humans into the Americas dying out. Settling into the Americas having being made much later. This resulted in terror birds roaming freely about the continent along with a unknown estimate of other Pliocene megafauna, such as the Smilodon species, with some of them being in Siberia as well.